Tennis bracelet

I had just enough warm weather yesterday to whip out a bracelet. I had a bunch of crystal AB swarovski bicones, and I had it in my head to make a long strap like Chan Luu, but after a few inches, I decided that it looked raggedy, and doubled back to finish the edges. After I finished the edges, I wished I had kept going with the strap - maybe tomorrow, if it continues, to warm up. Anyway, I finished the bit that I had as a tennis bracelet.
I wish you could see the sparkle.  I like everything about it but the length - finishing the edges seemed to stretch it out a bit, and now it is 9 inches long - pretty long for most women, I think.  I'm thinking that If I remove the toggle and replace it with a button, I can trim an inch off the length.

It is so nice working in the sun again!

Juliet Arrighi


SusanK said...

Very pretty! I'm not a jewelry person but have started making some unique necklaces. All the bits and pieces confuse me so I'm on a big learning curve.

Beach Cat ! said...

It's really too nice for an ankle bracelet, and I have very small wrists or I would be dying for this! It is really quite elegant, but I can't quite picture it with another king of closing.

Vicky said...

very pretty Juliet. I think it would be better if it was a little smaller for a bracelet :) I can picture the sparkle in my mind :)nice work. I just made some earrings in brick stitch :)

Shar B said...

So pretty, Juliet!