Flat Spiral bracelet

Today has been the first really nice day we've had in months, with temperatures in the seventies, so I went out on the deck and took advantage of the sunlight to do some beading.  It had been so very long!  First off, I managed to get knots in my fireline, and then I forgot my stitches, but after a while it started coming back to me, and I managed to create this flat spiral bracelet.

I though that the iridescent seed beads looked great with the pearls, but my (22yo) son  thought it was a little too wide to be a good necklace, so I made a bracelet instead.  It is 7 inches from jump ring to jump ring, and fits me just right.  Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to keep what I make right now; I owe some people some jewelry as a prize for solving a puzzle a couple of months ago.  I didn't take into consideration at the time that I can't make jewelry indoors, and have kept certain people waiting a LONG time. 

If you are one of those certain people - you know who you are - and you fancy this bracelet, or a similar one either a bit shorter or longer, email me.  Otherwise, who knows where it will end up?

Juliet Arrighi


Vicky said...

nice work Juliet. that is a pretty stitch :)

Myrna said...

I think this is VERY pretty and it would have made a gorgeous necklace too. I see a lot of chunky jewelry these days.

rush said...

you are multi-talented! i didn't know you beaded (another ART!) i like that it is flat, and i also think it would make a fine necklace...perhaps a shorter one that would come down to just below the throat (to those bones that i can't find a name in my brain.) why bead outside only? just curious.

Beach Cat ! said...

Ahhhh so nice to see you back into jewelry. This is very pretty.