12 Tags pennant style: Day 1

It's December, so Tim Holtz is doing his annual 12 tags of Christmas. Last year I didn't bother, because I never did anything with the tags from the year before, and I didn't want a bunch more tags sitting in a box taking up space, but this year, I had a plan. I'm participating in a pennant swap, which will give me a few nice pennants for a short string, but I thought that if I made Tim's tags into pennants, it would flesh out the collection and make a really nice display. Tim's first tag featured a Noel die cut, which I didn't have, so I cut my own Noel freehand.

I also didn't have the die to cut and make a pinecone, but I did have some red glass beads and some punches.  Cool trick - to cut holly leaves, use a scalloped edge scissors but turn the scallops to the inside.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

that's funny, I HAVE the die to make the pinecone and all I could make was some sick looking roses.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Love this- the idea for the pennants is brilliant! Awesome project!