12 Tags pennant style: Day 11

Sorry that I fell behind - My husband came home from his business trip and immediately wanted to know why I wasn't being more productive.  Apparently, making these pennants does not qualify.

Anyway, Tim did an interesting technique using UTEE and shrink plastic.  Trying to copy his technique reminded me of all the things I both love and hate about working with UTEE.  The candles below are made with the shrink plastic technique - the color is from the burnt UTEE.  Double-dipping the tips is what gives them the melted candle tops.  The menorah is punched from cardboard and heat embossed with platinum UTEE in the traditional way.  The textured portion on the base is a happy accident - I don't know why that particular area wouldn't melt right, but it looks good.
I would like to remind everyone that any plastic that has a 6 in the recycling emblem will work as shrink plastic.  I used a cookie tray from a bag of Oreos.
Juliet Arrighi


Linda w said...

another great pendent. and thanks for the tip on alternative shrink plastic. Hugs lin

Beach Cat ! said...

SO good to know about the shrink plastic. I am going through my garbage from now on!