12 Tags pennant style: Day 7

This was not Tim's best tag day.  Consequently, this isn't my best day either.  He buried his flaws under a big bouquet of froufrou, but I am getting tired of froufrou tags, and did not create the necessary gigantic embellishment with 6 different textural layers.  I did make the distressed background, the embossed sentiment, and played with stuff that I don't normally use for embellishing, in this case tissue from a sewing pattern and some raffia.
It is good to have a few ugly ones - it makes the others look better.


I couldn't stand it any more - this pennant was too muted and bland.  I restamped the bird with black ink and added some more embellishment, including sparkly red crystal stickpins.

Tim, you win this one.
Juliet Arrighi


Chris said...

You crack me up! I've been enjoying your pendents each day by the way.

Shelly Schmidt said...

You are a stitch- but I have to say- your 2nd attempt is more striking to my eye! Love the pendents!