12 Tags pennant style: Day 10

Tim did a packing tape transfer onto foil for his technique today.  I was pretty thrilled, because I love packing tape transfers, but mine did not come out nicely.  In fact, it shredded.  I always use the thinnest possible paper for my transfers, so using the thick printed cardstock  gave me a lot of problems.  I finally threw up my hands and finished the pennant using an older technique where I just glue images to fragments and make ornaments that way.

Fragments are even thicker than ribbon bows, so I didn't hesitate to use gold braid on this pennant.  I would like to make a comment about Tim's seasonal stack, in fact all his stacks - the colors are dim and gray-bluish.  It put me off using them until it hit me - they only look good after you distress them, and a yellowish ink, like the antique linen or the tea dye, balance out the bluish gray and bring the color into a normal, usable range.  This is such a Tim Holtz thing to do, to create papers that need to be distressed.
Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Your pennant turned out beautifully! I have never tried the transfer method.... I always appreciate your eye for observations such as color balance.

Myrna said...

Very, very pretty.