Every once in a while, I have to do a challenge that isn't a sketch challenge, and I like SUInk's Whachadoin' Wednesdays challenge for that. Sometimes I can't get my brain to switch gears in time for the challenge that week, but I promised myself I would do it this week, so here it is:

The challenge was to create a scene, which is a real challenge for me, because I don't have scene stamps. However, I did recall buying this TAC stamp set after seeing this Zindorf tutorial. I tried to follow the tut, but I couldn't deal with the lack of color, so I whipped out my SU metallic pencils (yes, I do have little bit of SU). As you can see, I can't stay inside the lines. This is why I don't color, and it is probably why I was attracted to the tut in the first place.

In other news, do you like my new sigtag? Did you notice that it is a link to my email? Just click it and tell me how wonderful I am.


Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Very pretty. I like the pretty flourish in the bg. Yes, I noticed your siggie. So cute.