Tree, part 8 (final)

Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of the tree, aren't you?

The Blogger's Challenge this week is a theme challenge - Baby. I don't have any babies right now, and I'm not really looking for grandchildren yet. I didn't really want to do anything with babies, but a challenge is a challenge - if you only do the ones you want, then you aren't really challenging yourself, are you?

No, I was not going to do "Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop"; although it does use a tree, it's really just too gruesome.

I might have a few baby oriented stamps tucked away in my all occasion stamp sets, but I didn't really want to deal with them, they are just too cutesy, although a certain degree of cutesy is called for in a baby card. My mind wandered to the one baby thing I have still held onto, for 27 years now. It is a plastic baby rattle decoration that was on my very first baby shower cake. I kept it after the shower and tied a string through the ring on the end, and hang it each year on my Christmas tree. I didn't have a rattle stamp, I was certain, but could I make one out of punches?

The rattle on this card was made with a circle punch and three different oval punches. It seemed a little plain with just solid cardstock, so I heat embossed all the pieces with white sparkle embossing powder (guess how I stamped the swirls!). I made the background with the TJ Quilt Card technique, and I stamped and cut out the little letters from the scraps I had left over from punching (am I thrifty or what?).

I'm ready to put down the tree stamp. I definitely got my money's worth out of it - ten cards, eight different ways to use the stamp. Woo hoo!


Lisa Somerville said...

How cute! Very creative making the rattle out of punched, love the quilted BG too! Thanks for playing along with the Bloggers Challenge.

Shelly Schmidt said...

What a great challenge- this is a wonderfully creative use of your tree stamp! Awesome use of your one stamp.