Sticky fingers

I've been playing with building backgrounds with scrapbooking papers on card bases this weekend, and it seems to me that to get the best adhesion, I need to use YES paste. I love the way YES paste spreads and the way it is super tacky but very slow drying, allowing me to make a lot of adjustments before the final product sets. What I don't like is how it seems to get everywhere.

I'm embarrassed to tell you how much of the embellishment on this card is there to hide or disguise paste marks. I've also used one of my favorite edging techniques - dragging the edges through Versamark then heat embossing. It covers a lot of stray powder. the distress inking is the done with the marker ink on my palette spread with a damp sponge.

The little gems are not really gems - they are conchos filled in with marker and then with Liquid Glass. The conchos and leaves are from CTMH, they have the best embellishments. The papers are from a little paper pack I got for my birthday last year, and the stamp is from IBFS. I love cloisonne stamps, but this one doesn't get a lot of use, because it is so big. I think I would love some Michael Strong stamps, but I feel so guilty about the stamps that I have but haven't used yet. Maybe I will put them on my birthday wish list.