Ugly, messy, whatever

I went downstairs to stamp, and realized that I didn't want to trim any more stamps tonight, because I wasn't putting them away where I could find them. I must have changed storage techniques 6 or 7 times, and I haven't liked any of them, and I was losing stamps as a result. I couldn't even find the nice Asian stamp I used Monday.

So, while I considered the mess I made, I decided to do a little cleaning and organizing, and I remembered a photo Michelle Zindorf showed on her blog, of how she organized all her unmounted stamps. She had them in baggies, with an index card stamped with the image(s) in the baggie, all in a big bin. It was better than the space consuming boxes I started with, and it was better than expecting my stamps to stick to any of the various things I've tried sticking them to since I unmounted them. So, I whipped out a bunch of sandwich bags, cut some cheap cardstock into quarters, and committed to bagging up the stamps that were flopping around, at least for a few minutes.

Well I got a good half hour's worth of stamping and sorting and bagging, and I think this is going to work pretty well. One of the best parts of the process was inking untouched stamps. Thus, I discovered that an eagle's head that I bought for making Boy Scout cards was actually a parakeet, and that I don't really need to buy the Hieroglyph Horses, because I have a unicorn done in the same style. I will try to use those stamps soon so that you can see them.

While I was cleaning up, I decided I needed to use more of the Hieroglyph Horse images I stamped earlier, and make a card. I used the Stampers Quest magazine sketch for September as my inspiration:

I was just throwing stuff on my desk onto a piece of cardstock and gluing them down, nothing special. Sometimes, when I make a card like this, I need a special stamp for the back. I love this one:

It's a TAC stamp, too.