Tree, part 6

I really didn't think I would have time to stamp today, because I had my bowling league organizational meeting this morning, followed by an outing with the ladies who lunch. The Meeting just went on forever, which normally would have bothered me, but not today - I had my Micron 01 pen in my purse, so I doodled.

No, there isn't a tree in this zentangle, but if you can make out two bowling pins and a bowling ball, it's better than I thought.

Any, I did find myself with a few minutes this evening to stamp, and I did some experimenting. this card didn't scan well, and frankly, it's not a lot better in real life, but sometimes that's what happens with experiments.

The background is the main experiment. I wondered, if I painted a black background with glitter glue, would it look like stars? Not really, but I decided to run with it, and embossed a gold tree on there, and then, with a vague Christmas theme murmuring in the back of my head, I added a snowy landscape and a star sequin in the top branches.

The letters are another dollar bin find - these are 1/4 inch letters on pegs, the whole alphabet was a dollar - I stamped the whole alphabet at once with Versamark, embossed it with gold powder, and then punched out the individual letters with a 1/4 inch square punch.

I know that these are not great ATCs, but art is about the process, trying new things, finding inspiration wherever it pops up, and frankly, if I expect everything I make to be wonderful, then I haven't left myself any room to grow.