One of the things I told myself I would do this year is be more active in swapping inchies.  I prefer mingles to regular swaps in that with a swap, you get a wide variety of inchies from all different people, and with a mingle, you get a set from one person.  Since I am likely to use inchies on a card, I prefer to get sets.
I got these crowns from the Graphics Fairy, and I used packing tape transfers to apply them to these painted backgrounds.  I set them at an angle because sometimes that's what I want to receive - inchies set at an angle.  I hope whoever receives them appreciates them as I would.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

I do like them on an angle. They seem to form a set more when they are place this way.

rush said...

i have ever made an inchie. i have inchie parts and stuff to put on them. i like to work small, so i guess it's time to apply myself. atc's are about as small as i have gone, except one time i made a little book that fit behind a quarter. must make more of those, too. i like crowns, too. and the technique is always a fun way to get the picture on the inchie.