Zebra hand

Milliande introduced us to Guido Daniele, and in particular, his interpretation of a zebra.  Basically, this meant using a hand as a canvas for the zebra.  For me, I needed some context for the hand, so I when I found a photo of a girl with a hand covering her eyes, I decided to zebra-tize it.
This was colored with Portfolio water soluble pastels (not my favorite medium).  It was coming out okay until I put a mane on the zebra, which ruined it for me.  You can't  erase pastels, though, I was stuck.  Not my favorite page.
  Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

not my favorite either but I do LOVE the zebra's eye ... seems so expressive, and her nose and mouth are well done! The jaw line and chin are perfect ... the mane makes it look like a sock puppet with a yarn mane/