Stamped zebra

Creative inspiration for day 3 at Milliande's Art Community for Women involved carving my own stamp.  Zebra stripes are pretty easy to make, but really, I don't want a zebra stripe stamp in my permanent collection.  Even a potato was more than I wanted to invest in this exercise.  What I did was cut the stripes out of craft foam, put tacky glue on the back, and stick them onto an acrylic block.  I Used Versamagic cloud white to stamp on black paper, and archival black ink to stamp the same stripes on the white journal page.

I cut the zebra out of the black striped paper, and defined his features with a white pencil.  He looked lost all by himself, but that was what I wanted - it seemed to echo the theme of the zebra struggling not to blend in too much but not stick out too much either.  I am starting to really relate to this zebra.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

This is super cool. I have been out to lunch for awhile, when did you add your own drawing of YOU to your blog? I LOVE IT>