I read about this art journalling project over at Milliande's Art Community for Women, and I thought I would give it a go, even though I'm a little late to the party.  The provious prompts are going to be up for a while, so I can do this as I like.

Since this is a creativity process project, and not a "make something beautiful" project, I felt free to play, and not overthink the end result.

The theme for the first day is "Zebra".  I thought about zebras, and black and white.  Then I remembered that old riddle "What's black and white and red (read) all over?" and I just started drawing on the newspaper.  I then cut out the newspaper zebra and glued it into my book and added leaves and grass and just kept adding stuff until I felt I was making it worse, not better, then I stopped.  I suppose in an ideal world, I stop before I make it worse.

It's fun to see other artists' interpretations of the theme too.

  Juliet Arrighi


Myrna said...

This is really stunning.

Shelley said...

Pretty cool Juliet!

Vicky said...

I like it :)

emilia in Taiwan said...

Your idea of using newspaper as background is brilliant! I really enjoy your recent creation.