the silence of women

The Milliande Art Community for Women tries very hard to be a place where women can find their voice through art, so it wasn't surprising that the idea of women's stories would be an art prompt.  However, When I thought about it, all I could picture were women's heads in jars.

After I got their heads in jars, I didn't really have anything else.  the words on the page are really very inadequate - they point to the easy scapegoat, but ignore the harder one - we silence each other.  We don't want to hear the voices.

I don't feel that a lot of women are finding their voice through art.  I think they are just trying to make pretty things.  It's so easy to be proud of something pretty, isn't it?

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

I am always on a creative journey- challenging myself to try something new.....I feel like I am shouting when I make a project I really love- but I agree- we take a back step for the family and the kids...! I would say- my jar has no lid.....I go in and out of it.....When I have to work, the lid is ON!!! LOL I love this page!

rush said...

i think some women are content to keep their head in a jar with the lid on and smile. it is kind of like sitting there and looking pretty. these are the women who surfaces matter, not under the skin and into the muscle and sinew. i wonder where it is that they keep their fear and disappointment. but, then again, it could be a big joke to them for others to believe that they are so superficial. women also do quite nicely silencing themselves.