A few more inchies

I had so much fun making inchies last month (or was it the month before?) that I joined an inchie group. You know I love techniques, so when I saw they had a monthly technique inchie mingle (don't ask me what the difference is between a swap and mingle, I have no idea), I jumped right in. This month's technique - Bubble Backgrounds:

It's done just as it sounds - put ink in bubble solution, blow bubbles, and put the bubbles on your cardstock. After I made these inchies, I made some ATC backgrounds, too. Bubble Backgrounds also happens to be a Technique Junkies technique, so I have a place to swap them.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

So that is the whole inchie, just doing the bubbles and cutting it in an inch square? I don't mean to be dense here, but is that what an inchie is?

Shelly Schmidt said...

So, do you stamp on the BG for the inchie? Or, do you have some plain and some decorated??? I am seeing lots of inchie type stamps these days......(although, I imaging you just use what you have already......).....You can make ATC's with inchies on them too, can't you???
Oh- I love pink- awesome gorgeous color and technique!!! And, you get a metal for being a great sport and making a card with a digital image....what is next???

Anonymous said...

Fab bubble background! Love the color!