Zetti Resolutions

There is an ATC swap of zetti resolutions which is due at the end of the month. At first it did not sound like something I would want to do. I'm not very good at zetti, and I don't really want to broadcast my resolutions to strangers. However, since one of my more authentic resolutions is to get better at zetti (take that, Gingersnap Creations!), I thought I would give this exercise a try, with generic resolutions. After all, if I'm giving them away, what difference does it make if the resolutions are real?

Drink more water - actually, that is something I am trying to do.

Environmentally responsible - I already try to be envirnmentally responsible, I didn't need to resolve to do it. This ATC just sort of made itself. I put in the figure, then started adding animals. I feel like I may need more animals before it is done, though.

Be more spiritual - the figure is wearing a crown because if we are the children of the King of the Universe, then we are all princes and princesses.

Watch what I eat - I have recently started taking vitamins, and I am trying to eat healthier. I'm not worrying about my weight, though. As long as I am fit enough to do what I want, I'm fit enough.

Get out more - I hate leaving my house. It's really hard for me to do. I don't know why. I'm not exactly agoraphobic, but I think I see how people become that way.

I feel like none of these cards is worked enough to be zetti, but it is hard for me to do even as much as I did. I will see if I can bring myself to add more to these cards in a couple of days. The problem with zetti is that it doesn't like empty space, and I love empty space. You would think it would be impossible for me to do, and maybe it is.


Beach Cat ! said...

These are super cool and way out of MY comfort zone. But I love 'em when other people do 'em!

Faith S. said...

These are so cool!! I have always wanted to try something like this, but I don't have a clue how to start, so I will first have to look up what zetti means. :)

Danise said...

No way could I come up with these.Zetty is some thing I haven't tried..probably never will?But I love it and ~you~ have as usual created these wonderfully wimsical new years resolutions :^)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Again, need a tutorial- very neat projects and love your resolutions! One of mine was to send in a set of ATC's each month- I hope I can live up to it!....I love getting them back!

froebelsternchen said...

Oh my Gqd! They are gorgeous!!!