Bubble backgrounds ATCs

You may recall I made some backgrounds a few days ago with the Bubble Background technique. I loved how the bubbles turned out so much that I could hardly imagine covering them up with layers and embellishments. I also didn't trust myself to stamp directly on them without ruining them, even if I had a good stamp. I thought it would be fun to use an image of someone or something blowing bubbles.

This is clipart, somewhat modified by me - the original image had bubbles floating over the cat, but since I already had plenty of bubbles in the background, I trimmed those away. That only left the problem of getting the image out of the computer and onto glossy cardstock with ink bubbles on them. Good thing I know how to do packing tape transfers!

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Hey ... HOW did you do the packing tape transfers? Inquiring minds want to K N O W !