Puppy Love

has a new digistamp for Valentine's Day, if you are a dog. I'm not a dog (well, don't ask my husband, he might tell you what kind of dog I am), but I did need a rustic image to go with my Brown-Bagging background:

This is part of a set of ATCs for the TJ ATC swap. Instead of plain brown bags, I used the Trader Joe's wine bags that have pink and white floral wine bottles and glasses printed on them. I love those bags. I think half the reason I buy wine there is to get the bags (the other half is the price - Trader Joe's is cheap!). The Mod Podge that I used to glue the bits of bag down darkened the pink nearly to red, but that is okay by me - I didn't really like that shade of pink anyway. The challenge is Love (Liebe) at Fun with ATCs - this definitely fits!

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Darling- save one for me, OK? I am not much of a wine drinker, but ill have to go next time I am in the area to see these wine bags! I am working on my Blog Hog project (FCD- this Friday), and I am making mini 'ones' to send to you : )

blackdragon said...

Hello juliet... hope you are well.
Love the wine bags.... we dont get them here in the uk, wish we did!
You left a comment on CORROSIVE about using a digi to etch metal.... dead easy... print out the image to size required, lay it on to your metal on a foam mat and gently trace around it.
take the paper image away and you'll have a faint image... work it deeper from the back first just so you get all the detail, then work as you would with a 'normal' stamped image from both sides til your happy with the result. Its simple but effective but you do need clean lined digi stamps.... this was my 1st time with a stretch and bubble image, i usually use digi stamps from 'teris delicious doodles'.... fantasic images and so effective on metal... you can find her site via tuesday taggers on my side bar.... sorry i cant do links, i am a total techno idiot!!!!
If you ever fancy swapping atcs with me... i'd love too!
Keep safe happy crafting lynx

Beach Cat ! said...

Love how the brown bag turned out --- helps if you don't use a brown bag I guess. I could sure use some Two Buck Chuck here, we have NO trader joes, no whole foods, just oranges oranges oranges - and I don't even like oranges.
However,... I am Still waiting to see you post a gorgeous California sunset --- maybe with a wine bottle in the foreground???

dstandard said...

Love how you did your image!

Faith S. said...

This is really cool, Juliet!! I haven't seen the brown bag technique on an ATC before. What a fun project!

Chris said...

Gotta love TJ wine. :) Glad I got to see this IRL...it's great (and you always do nice work!).

froebelsternchen said...

that´s so pretty!

Please link our new Challenge to your post to participate and win our ATC´s!

Thank you very much for participation!


cbee said...

That's a great ATC! Thank you very much for taking part in our new challenge Fun with ATCs. Could you please link our blog to your posting?

froebelsternchen said...

Thank you Juliet for linking us!
Hope you will come again to participate!
xxx Susi

this little holder on top is so cute!
Makes it specially!

Anonymous said...

omg, so cute!
I love it, these dogs are really lovely

thanks for playing along at our new challenge blog, I would love to see you take part regularly