ATC to Greeting Card

Sometimes I make an ATC and it doesn't look like stand-alone art, it needs something else to be its reason. That's what happened to this card:

I started with the polymer clay flower and the gessoed background Susan sent me, and built up what looked nice, but it just seemed... I don't know. I finally gave up and slapped it on a card base, threw on a sentment, added a snippet of ribbon, and was gluing it all together when the cap came off my glue and poured onto the card.

I grabbed a wet rag, peeled off all the layers, and scrubbed the glue around, giving the card base an interesting texture, then glued it back together (a little off, I fear). Also, and I probably shouldn't admit this, but this looks a lot like the Blogger's Challenge sketch. I was going to do the Bloggers Challenge earlier, before the mail came, but then I forgot... or did I?


Susan said...

GREAT!!! nice work using what I sent :)
Lovely card :)

Lisa Somerville said...

Great job with this weeks BC Sketch - love the polymer clay flower!