Fair day

I went to the fair today to demo and to see how my entries did. I was supposed to demo wire work, but when I got to the fair, I realized I left all my tools at home. You can't do much with wire without the tools.

Fortunately, I had my beloved micron pen on hand and some white ATC blanks. I just sat there for two hours and zentangled. most people were not particularly impressed, nor did I think they should be, but a few were intrigued, and a pleasant young man from Taiwan asked for one, for his scrapbook of his tour of the US. I was happy to give him one, and felt that his interest alone justified the trip.

Anyway, after my shift was up, I looked around to see how my entries did, and compare them to the ones that won.

As you can see the deco fan placed senond in the ATC division. I knew a vintage collage would take first place, but seriously, it was a Campbell Kid glued to a soup label and aged with a little ink. It's just too trite.

I didn't really think my greeting card would win, but when I saw the card that did win that class, I could have kicked myself. It was a tri shutter card (like I made for my mom three weeks ago) decorated with dahlia fold flowers (dahlia fold is what I used to make my deco fan last week) Aaargh!

I was surprised that my necklace placed third in its class, but I didn't see what it was competing against. The bracelet I entered was prettier, but it was competing against bracelets of all types, not just wire work, and as I looked at the winners, all simply strung pieces, I saw that what wins in the Prince William County Fair is not fancy technique, but expensive beads and findings.

I can't really complain - to place with two of my six entries is pretty darn good, especially since it's my first time entering stuff in the fair. I'm psyched and ready for next year - I've got the code now!