Zentangle horse

I tore apart my house and car and still couldn’t find my Micron 01 pen, so I went to Michael’s and bought a new one. I had a coupon, so it cost me less than two bucks. I don’t know why I don’t just buy a case of them.

Sharpie Ultrafine point markers have a nice line, but they bleed through regular paper. I’ve tried the Pilot Precise, but to be honest, it skips. You don’t want to spend money for an ultrafine line, and then have your drawing ruined by a pen that can’t produce a constant flow.

The Sakura Micron 01 is the only one I really like for zentangles. They also make a 005 pen, but I’ve heard that the tip is very fragile, and I tend to press a bit to hard, so I decided to dodge that bullet. The 01 is good enough for my needs.

I started making these horses for a horse swap, but I began losing interest in the horses before I had enough for the swap. I will probably RAK one to the host, and I guess the other two are up for grabs.