beading necklaces

After I embarrassed myself with my previous jewelry experiment, I thought I would try something a little more challenging. I found a nice pattern on the web, started playing with it, and found out that I just didn't have the right size beads, so I just started playing around with the beads that I had, and came up with a pattern that I liked. The first one I made is the silver one you see below, and I liked it so much, I tried making a different one with different colors.

The scan does not show the shine in either of these two necklaces, but they are very glittery in real life. The silvery one is made with metallic silver glass seed beds and clear glass E beads. I used a two needle method, so it whipped up fairly quickly. The second one used gold seed beads and iridescent E beads, and it shows the pattern more clearly. I avoided a clasp by joining the ends; they are long enough to slip over the head. I like this so much I might have to get red seed beads and make it for my red hat friends and family.