FlowerSoft ATC

Today in the mail I received and envelope from Susan, with the Black Widow ATC she promised.

She also sent a nice selection of papers and ephemera. Among the papers were two rolling marble backgrounds that I had heard her describe the process, but this was the first time I had seen the result. She also sent some tiny terra cotta vases, among other things.

The vases triggered a memory of something that had been troubling me this week - the last kit that I got from Valerie, the garden kit. I had not done anything with the garden kit, mostly because there was only one thing in the kit I really really wanted, and even so, I didn't know what to do with it: Flower Soft. Flower Soft is a kind of fuzzy glitter that is intended to give a soft, dimensional effect to your cards, and I had received cards with Flower Soft, but since I don't often stamp flowers, I had never used it. As soon as I saw the vases, I knew what I had to do.

I didn't have any floral wire, so I grabbed some blue coated wire and colored it with a green Bic Mark-it. I then dipped the end in tacky glue and sprinkled on the Flower Soft. While my flowers were drying, I went to work on the background. The rolling marble backgrounds were very dark, not quite what I wanted for flowers, so I softened them a bit with a coat of gesso. I cut leaves and a base from green scraps (easy to find on my Clip It Up), added a couple of faux postage stamps from the garden kit, and I am really very happy with the results. I wonder if Susan would like this ATC?


Susan said...

I love the ATC, juliet, and NOT only have I never heard of Flower-soft, i have never seen it. Glad you liked the goodies and the black widow card, thanks again for digitally remastering her!

Susan said...

Juliet, would you mind scanning Purple black widow, and sending me the scan? I forgot to do so...and might I suggest you add a pic of the ATC to the digital challenge post of yours :)
Thanks so much again, for your wonderful digi skills!

Juliet A said...

Wilco and wilco.