It never fails

As you may recall, I lost my Micron 01 pen, so I bought another. Of course, the day after I bought the second one, I found the first one in my purse. Who puts pens in their purse? Did I think I was going to write with it? But seriously, I remember putting it in there, because I thought I might have to wait for my daughter's plane to land last week, and wanted to doodle while I was waiting.

The problem with zentangles is that they don't have a point of view, so I can't really consider them art. If they have a point of view, then they lose their value as zentangles. I think I resent having quality materials go into something that has no value after it is complete. I understand about using the best pen and paper to make the zentangles, as it causes the artist to focus on the process and take it seriously, but when it is done - what am I supposed to do? Keep it as a record of my journey? Throw it away? Gift it to someone who thinks anything hand drawn is art?