Recycled materials card

Sometimes a person needs a challenge to get the creative juices flowing. Fortunately, there are a lot of blogs out there issuing the challenges. This challenge is from Card Positioning Systems, which exists exclusively (as far as I can tell) to create layout sketches with which to challenge people. I have been watching others play this game, and now I want to play too.

This card doesn’t have any stamping or ink, and it does use found materials. The words, as you may have guessed were cut sale flyers in my newspaper, and the background is a variation of the Gesso Off technique that I learned from Technique Junkies, using black gesso instead of white, and using a slick postcard instead of ordinary colored cardstock.. There really aren’t black smudges on the card, it just scanned that way; there are plenty of black smudges on my hands, though.