Digital Challenge

Susan, one of my swapping friends, asked for some digital art help. She had three images that she wanted to combine into one. I have pretty good Paint Shop Pro skills, so I offered to give it a shot. Here are the three images:

That first one is a real eye-opener, isn't it?

I used the scratch remover to eliminate the text on the body, and the deformation tool to squeeze the breasts a little closer together. I reduced the color saturation and increased the brightness and contrast to get the body to match the face.

On the necklace, I just erased everything in the picture that wasn't the actual necklace.

For the head, I erased everything but the head, and drew in new shoulders (ellipse). I then merged the head image with the body, and used the push tool to blend the colors. I finally applied the necklace with a little drop shadow.

Final result:

Actually, this isn't the final result, Susan asked me to change the eye color (easy to do with the color replacer), so only she and I have seen that version. After reading Susan's description of what she plans to do with the image, this should be a very cool ATC.

Here is the finished card:


Chris said...

wow...I can't believe how you merged all those photos together...those are SERIOUS skills there that you have!!

Susan said...

YES, she did a FANTASTICALLY AWESOME job!! I am very grateful to her for the help.

<3 Susan