circular art flow

You may recall that Lisa Vollrath's Ten Two Studios celebrated their 4th anniversary, and that she sold a collage sheet to celebrate, and invited her fans to create art with it. You may also recall that I accepted that challenge, and made a card. Lisa, in turn, not only posted all the art samples she received on her site, but created a second set of collage images by selecting a square portion of each artist's submission and offering them as a collection of 3 inch square collages. Those of us who contributed to the collect were given the privelege of downloading the collage images for free. Of course, once i had them, I had to do something with them, so I made this little book. I don't feel up to scanning all twenty pages, but here is a little peek:

The pages are pretty much as they were on the collage sheets, except for my glitter (doesn't show here) and my words, all cut out of magazines and boxes that were within my reach. It is interesting to cut out random words and glue them down, and then read what you've created - it's like taking a rorshach test.