12 tags of Christmas - day 4

Today Tim wants us to make jewelry, in particular a shaker box shaped like a house, and some charms to complement it. In this particular case, the tag itself is just a fancy background.

I didn't have the stuff to make Tim's skaker box, so a spent all morning figuring out how to make my own. I ended up using the faux chipoard technique to make the housing. If I had been a little smarter, I would have stamped the back of the shaker, but I had already glued it in place, and it was a lot of cutting and hole punching to make that little box, so I wasn't going to start over. I just popped a little tree sequin back there, filled it with microbeads, and topped it with some waste acetate and a layer of cardboard colored with my red metallic leafing pen. The roof was done with silver EP on cardstock, then cut and wrapped around. I made a gold star to fill the gap between the roof and the shaker.

I had lots of red beads and wire out, because I have been making charms and jewelry, so that was really one of the easier parts of the project, and I ended up making a faux chipboard bead to match the star on the house. The safety pin is straight from Tim - the idea is that you can remove the house and charms and wear them or use them as ornaments.

I also took another cue from Tim - I oversaturated my photo to bring out the color.

Juliet Arrighi


linda loe said...

Wow I love your "Tim Holz "tags. The look beautiful

Beth Norman said...

The colours on this tag are really eye popping. Your little house turned out well. Looks like you can do Tim's tags even without his products.

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love what you did with this one too- I need to get some ink on my fingers and try to catch up with you!