For those of you who live up north, this is no big deal, but for us, this is a lot of snow. According to the television, this is the third greatest snow since 1883. It breaks records set in 1933. It is a lot of snow.

The power didn't go out, so it isn't any big deal to me, except that the newspaper and the mail isn't coming. The newspaper I can cope with, except that it is hard for me to want to send a big tip to my news carrier when my paper isn't coming. The roads are certainly passable, because my daughter is zipping around on them.

I'm more annoyed that my mail isn't coming. The week before Christmas, I need my mail. I have presents coming that I still need to wrap, and a priority mail box for pickup. This is not a good week to lose those services.

The picture is of my 13yo sone trying to clear a path on the deck to the back yard so he can sled there. Unfortunately, the snow is too powdery, and won't support the sled.