Christmas cards

These are the Christmas cards I made in bulk this year. The green and red one uses some very lovely CTMH papers That I was determined to use, even before I had a photo, and when I got sick of looking at it (24 cards later), I switched to the pale blue, which I think looks better with the photo anyway. Click either one for a larger view.

The green cards use a template that I slightly modified from the tutorial video on CTMH TV. Basically, the card backgrounds are cut 6 to a sheet of 12x12 patterned paper, and the contrasting stripe are 18 to a piec to 12x12 paper, and the third stripe is really from the reverse side to the scraps of the first paper (gotta love that double-sided paper). It makes a very quick and efficient card. I could have embellished more, but I wasn't going to bother for the non-crafty muggles who receive my cards.

The bow was tied with a homemade Bow Easy. I didn't think I would like this tool, but after having tried it, I think it is brilliant. the bow it makes is not a real bow, it's just a couple of loops bound with an overhand knot, and it isn't very stable either (it's held in place with tacky glue, which should help), but for a perfectly sized bow without wrinkling the loops or using too much ribbon that you have to trim off later, it is amazing. This particular one, the ends are pointing different directions, but that is unusual, not like the majority of the bows I tied, and indicative of how little I care about these sorts of details on my cards. I think it looks fine with a crooked bow.

To make my own Bow Easy, I used a coaster like you get at restaurants with bars. I made a different one for each pair of sizes, and cut it with my Kai scissors. I don't think it is as durable as the one you buy, and the ribbon would probably slip of the plastic a little easier, and the Bow Easy is really a very inexpensive tool, but mine was free. I might buy one if I see one in the stores. After tying over 25 bows with it, I think the people who designed it deserve the money for their great idea.

Juliet Arrighi