Just a little something I made with my scraps

I had tons of holiday cards made for this year by December 1, and then it snowed on December 5. I took a picture, a picture of my house with snow on it, which I had always wanted to have for my holiday cards but never managed to do, and this year, I had the shot. This obligated me to make all new holiday cards with the photo.

I send my photos to Walmart for printing, and since I just want the photo to be the focal point, not the whole card, I put 4 images on a single 4 x 6 print (that would be four 2 x 3 prints, for the mathematically challenged), which comes to about a nickel per image - pretty darn good, for someone cheap like me. I had 40 of them printed, for a huge price of two dollars, and my archnemesis husband was already going to Walmart for other things, so I had them in my hands a couple of hours after I took the picture.

I have a few of them left over, which brings me to this ATC:

It was made with a leftover photo and scraps and supplies left on my desk after making all my photo cards. It uses the challenge layout from Get Sketchy, too - I was really too busy with other things to do a lot of challenges lately, so it was nice to put a little something together, even if it isn't my most amazing work. I will be glad to have this in my ATC album, which I have to admit, I look through far more often than my scrapbooks.

Juliet Arrighi


Dora said...

Great idea, and great picture thanks for playing!

~amy~ said...

What a great shot....fabulous job on your card!

Thanks for playing with us over at Get Sketchy!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty
Thanks for playing with us at GETSKETCHY!