Down to size

Diane sent me two wonderful ATCs, and a bunch of backgrounds like the ones she used for the ATCs. This seemed like a challenge to me - could I make as nice a card with her background as she did?

Obviously not. (Hers is the one on top) What a humbling experience.

I used the Captured Beads technique from Technique Junkies. The sequins and beads are sandwiched between two sheets of acetate. The window is clear, and the little bit of red that you see through the window is from the backing. Any white you see is from the lid of my scanner.

Here's the million dollar question - if I swap the ATCs I've made, whose name do I put on them, mine or hers? If I put hers, that should teach her a lesson - finish your ATCs before you send them to me, or I will ruin your reputation as an artist!

Juliet Arrighi