Riding a motorcycle out of my comfort zone

When I step out of my comfort zone, I go fast and far. To start with, this is a large card, 8.5 by 5.5. I almost never make a card this big, but it seemed the right size for this image, which I downloaded from Digital Two for Tuesday. It had a lot of detail, so I didn't want to make it too small. It didn't need coloring, really, so I used the Burnished Background technique on it from the latest TJ newsletter.

I thought Black leather would be perfect for a motorcycle card, and I had some black leather paper, so I grabbed it - perfect! Then, all I had to do is figure out how to put it all together, so I went to the first challenge that popped up on my to-do list, Cook up a Card. The recipe this month is to use three flowers, 2 gems, and a butterfly.


Not exactly what I had in mind for my manly motorcycle card, eh?

The three flowers - I don't have a large star punch, but I do have a large flower punch. The stars were cut from the flowers, by trimming the sides of the petals flat. I stitched them in place with my sewing machine, another thing I don't do often.

Two gems - Diamonds are gems, right? The two diamond-shaped brads should qualify.

One Butterfly - You would be a heck of a Scouter if you caught this without my pointing it out, but that knot in the upper left corner happens to be a butterfly knot. Hee hee!

Okay, so here are the things on this card that are out of my comfort zone:
-really large card
-solid black background
-machine stitching
-fancy knots

This will be a good card for my son - he rides a Harley. He doesn't like to ride all this way from Cherry Point (5 hours) when it is cold and I'm afraid I won't see him again until spring.

Juliet Arrighi