Fabric book, First week

On TheSumOfAllATCs, we are making a fabric book, developing a different page every week. This is the first week's project (click to see full size):

As you can see the edges are unfinished - I might have to dose it with fraycheck, if it is going to be several weeks before the whole thing gets sewn together.

The whole book is made with six pieces, this is the first one. I cut five pieces from an old plaid shirt, and the sixth one from the leg of some old jeans. I think we are going to need a closure later on, so I am saving sections of the shirt that have snaps to use for that purpose.

This spread is the inside front and back covers, I think. I used some of my TAC stamps and some CTMH chipboard, and a few ribbons. I have a lot of butterfly stamps, so I think I will make butterflies my central theme for this book. The decoration is a little different than the instructions, but then, so is my taste. The project leader has a strong preference for vintage.

The instructions are... secretive. Ali is only giving us directions for what to do each week, with almost no clue as to how things will end up. She did reveal that the hole was in the front cover, but I felt we had to badger her mercilessly for her to admit that it was the inside covers that we were doing this week, and not some other part. One woman thought perhaps the window was in the back, and another thought that the facing image would show through the window. The window will not be sewn for a while yet, and one of my corners is cut a little too deeply, so I pinned that purple flower there temporarily to keep it from getting worse.

At this point, I am less invested in the book than I am in strengthening my ability to follow instructions, no matter how obtuse they may be. As strange as this mess looks right now, This particular woman's projects always seem to end up well. We will see.

Juliet Arrighi