Fabric book, second week

We only worked on this one page this week, page eight, a pocket with a tag. I did it wrong, I can see that now. There are some things I did wrong on purpose, like folding the raw edges in on the tag, instead of just sewing it flat, but other things - the pocket is not supposed to look appliqued in place, it should be sewn along the edges of the page so that it looks like part of the page when the book is complete. It will be all right, I'm sure.

When Ali told us this was page eight, I was confused, until I remembered that she said that pages five and six comprised the centerfold. I believe that the page we did last week was page ten, with a window cut into page one.

I don't know that the stamped words add anything to the page, but I bought it for a dollar last week at Tuesday moring, and I wanted to use it. It is dangerous to be an art project within arm's reach when I want to play with a new toy.