New art purse

I have a new art purse. I really loved the old one, because it had 8 pockets for ATCs and I could show off all the cards in my collection, a little at a time, but it finally began to lose it's luster. The problem with any purse that depends on vinyl to protect the art is that vinyl stains and discolors after a while. I would have purchased another of the same purse, but the company went out of business.

I was very excited when I saw the The Angel Company sells an art purse. I immediately ordered one, and found myself with very little time to create something seasonally appropriate to put into the two 8x10 inch panels on the sides.

I grabbed some Thanksgiving paper and cut them to size, but it didn't look very exciting. I needed to leave the house in 20 minutes - what could I do? I started looking through my cards and found a set that I had done a few weeks ago at a TAC workshop - what could be more appropriate for a TAC purse than to showcase some TAC cards?

The other side looks the same except it has two different cards. I can't keep the cards in there too long, though - I want to send some of them out for Thanksgiving!

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

So, no more ATC purse? Are you going to have to start trading larger cards.......? Or what?

Chris said...

Hey, good news!! The purses are still in stock Juliet. I loved your purse - thanks for bringing it when you came to the house.

I'm sure I see some ATCs in there ... I can read the future... :)