Because I'm the sort of boring person that always has to do what other people are doing, today I made some inchies (one inch square little art bits). Ali has been making then, with the goal of ten a day for ten days, for mysterious reasons nobody knows yet, but whatever Ali does is cool, so all her fans are making them too.

This are made with black paper painted with glitter glue, then stamped in gold. The stars are punched out of a paper I made with gesso and gold paint. after I assembled them, I stanped "Wish" on them. The finished squares are mounted on layers of mustard cardstock for a chipboard effect.

These angels are packing tape transfers on rose petal paper stamped in gold, then finished with mahogany distressing ink and mounted on burgundy faux chipboard.

If I can keep up two sets a day, maybe I can catch up to Ali.

Juliet Arrighi


Anonymous said...

I Think these are cool! What is packing tape transfer? How do you do it? Thanks.

Juliet A said...

You stick an image onto packing tape, soak the packing tape in hot water, then remove the wet paper. the image stays on the tape.