Where to put yellow roses

I printed a bunch of digital images to color yesterday, and this bunch of roses was one of them. I decided to see how well I could blend from one color to another (not well at all), without thinking about the consequences - how was I going to put yellow roses on pink glimmer cardstock onto a card?

I did find some yellow cardstock for the base, and some dotted paper with pink and yellow and green in it, but after I cut it and all the layers to go with, I decided it was not the right style for the roses. I finally gave up on the yellow, and picked up on the red and pink instead.

This follows the Card Patterns sketch for this week. The Glimmer paper really makes it pop.

However, after I cut all that dotted paper and cardstock, I couldn't just toss it, so I made another card out of it. It's a strange card, but it is usable.

I love that diecut felt ribbon.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- your rosed are gorgeous! I love the combination of color you used. I love that YOU COLORED!!! The colors blended well and look lovely on the pink BG. I love that you experiment and try new things so much! Thanks for sharing your beautiful end results.

dstandard said...

WOw this is just gorgeous - beautiful coloring!

whoistracy said...

Just gorgeous Juliet! I love the colors you've used on both cards. So bold and fun and yet that first card has a subtle elegance about it, too.