12 tags of Christmas - day 5

Tim Holtz was using his plastic Fragments to make his ornaments, but of course I don't have any of those, so I used the UTEE charms technique instead. He stuffed 4 ornaments on his tag, but it was a little crowded for me. He also had a nice rub-on for his sentiment. I thought I could stamp one, but the distress ink on the bottom bled through. I tried going over it with a white gel pen, but the distress ink bled through. Next, I tried white acrylic paint, but the distress ink bled through. At that point, I gave up. I knew I couldn't emboss white over the gold, the two would melt together. What else could I do?

I'm pretty proud of two things on this card, though. I made the pine branch out of a punched tree (Thanks, Cat!) cut in two, and I drew in the needles with stickles. Secondly, I made my own "german scrap" by coloring a paper doily edge with a leafing pen.

Juliet Arrighi


Anonymous said...

Juliet, you did a great job on it. Our Michael's is getting in a lot of Tim Holtz supplies. If they have these little plastic thingies, at least you could save 40%. I won't use UTEE or anything with Suze W's name on it. I won't help put money in her pocket.
Evette Rice

Beth Norman said...

Goodness, you must have been frustrated with all your attempts only to end up with bleeding. Your UTEE charms worked out well. I've never heard of these charms before. Sadly, I have no access to any of Tim's products here in Sarnia. 3 stores, and no one carries Tim Holtz products.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Your efforts for all of the issues you had with this tag surely paid off- beautiful job! Glad you stuck with it. I love the home-made German scrap- and your ornaments! Another wow!