Burned out

I really like the tri shutter card, and was quick to recommend it to a friend who wanted me to make a set of souvenir cards for her with whom she is taking a cruise at the end of the month. I have made cards for her group before, and didn't think it was any big deal, until she told me she needed 30 of them.

I was very fortunate to have enough matching cardstock, for the project, and the design for the card is mostly digital - I created the panels in Paint Shop Pro, then printed them, cut them out and glued them to the tri shutter base. I'd spent the time designing last week, and I didn't think it would take that long to print them out and assemble them.

I was wrong - I spent the better part of an hour just with the cuts and folds for the bases - thank goodness I have a Scor-it board. I thought it was a frivolous expenditure at the time I asked my husband for one for Christmas, but I use it on every folded card I make and with cards like the tri shutter, I don't know how I could get the precise folds without the Scor-it.

The real time hog was cutting out all the little panels (9 per card, 2 are not rectangular). That took about 5 solid hours, and another hour just gluing them together and folding them in.

If you were wondering why it's been a few days since I posted a card, now you know.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

ohhh my gosh, this is incredible. I have made 2 or 3 shutter cards in my life and I thought THAT was an accomplishment. These are so pretty and my golly you must have been cutting paper till you were blue in the face!