My niece's birthday is on Saturday, so I made her this card. You may think that my niece, Phoebe, likes corgis, and she probably does, but the truth is that Phoebe is a corgi.

This card loosely follows Aly's Sunday Challenge - there just wasn't room on this little card for all the embellishment the challenge required.

I love this ruche paper! A patterned paper or even an embossed background would have been too much, I think. The ruche paper has such a luxurious look and feel, and it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the card.

It's funny that I should remember to send a card for Phoebe when I forgot to send one to my sister (her mother/owner/servant).

Juliet Arrighi


Tami said...

Love the little doggie card. Thanks for playing at Aly's.