Vintage Silver Lustre

I got my hands on some new paper today, and I immediately had to start playing with it. It's Vintage Silver Lustre cardstock from Paper Temptress. Now, I have to tell you, I am not a person who needs more silver cardstock. I have the SU brushed silver, I have the CTMH silver finish, I have sparkle, I have holographic, I have silver tissue, I have cardstock that I've painted myself with silver metallic paint, and I even have the trusty silver Krylon pen. When other people were telling me that I had to see this stuff to believe it, I had my doubts.

I'm telling you, you don't know how pretty this paper is until you hold it in your hand. You might be able to tell it has a brushstroke finish from the online photos, but you can't see the shimmer or the weight or anything unless you are holding it and touching it. I don't get much in the way of art supplies that impresses my kids, but this paper got a wow from my Marine son. He doesn't wow anything.

Anyway, besides being gorgeous, this paper is supposed to have magical powers. Instead of being water-resistant like most shimmery finishes, and requiring special inks and markers to color, the Silver Lustre takes ink and other media just like regular cardstock. It seems to draw the ink under the Lustre. I had to test this for myself.

The roses are stamped with regular chocolate CTMH ink, and colored using the Marker Watercoloring technique. I used a high detail stamp to see if the textured finish would interfere with the impression - it didn't. I used lighter colors because I didn't know if dark colors would cover the shimmer, but I assure you - it doesn't. The colors somehow go underneath the shimmer. The Silver Luster took the ink just like watercolor paper would. It didn't buckle or warp at all when wet, and the ink set almost immediately. It didn't wrinkle when I poked a hole for the ribbon and brad, either - it is very resilient. From this scan, it might look like I used normal patterned paper, but when you tilt it under the light, you can see the pearly shimmer and swirly finish. This might seem like a very simple card, but I didn't want to obscure the beauty of the Silver Lustre.

I really want you all to see this stuff, so this is what I will do - email me your address (my signature is a link to my email address), and I will mail you an ATC made with the Vintage Silver Lustre cardstock, at least until I run out (was able to make 12 ATCs from one sheet, so I have a few). If you swap ATCs in the TJ swap, I will include an ATC made with the Silver Lustre cardstock. It's really that easy.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Now that is a reason to get my ATC's done and in the mail ASAP! I love your card, and would love to touch and feel this paper! TFS

Cassie said...

oh - it's gorgeous! i don't need more paper either but you've certainly tempted me!!!

thanks for your sweet comments on the paper popsicles blog regarding my tmeplate. Here is a link to the WCMD section of the forum in case you haven't found it yet:

You will need to be logged in - but it's a fun forum so I hope you'll join in with us!!

Chris said...

It definately is neat paper - you did a great job with this ATC and it's even prettier IRL.

Anita said...

Beautiful card! What a neat idea!