Notebook paper and gesso

I was at Trade Joe's the other day, getting some essentials like edamame, almond butter and Two Buck Chuck (wine, and it costs $3.25 now, but it's still pretty good for the price, and although I always bring my own bags to Trader Joe's, the cashier was worried about my bottles clinking together, and put them in paper wine bags. Trader Joe's has pretty paper wine bags, so I thought I would make a paper bag book out of them. A paper bag book is pretty lumpy, so I thought I would add images using gesso transfers. I have matte medium, don't ask me why I grabbed the gesso, but it wouldn't have mattered, I was just stupid about printing my transfers. I usually use tracing paper, but I used mine all up, and I had this crazy idea that the thinnest flimsiest paper I had was lined notebook paper, not copy paper, so I printed my images for transfer onto notebook paper.

This picture shows everything that was good and bad about this idea. The red and white floral background, that's how the wine bags come at Trader Joe's. The vintage images with blue lines in them - why didn't I realize that the blue lines would transfer? This project is shot, and needs to go in the garbage.

I will get more bags the next I'm at Trader Joe's, and I will use packing tape transfers instead. I don't think the bags liked being as wet as they got with the gesso transfer process. I think I need to remember to buy more tracing paper, too.

Why do I show you all the ugly stuff?

Juliet Arrighi


MicheleV said...

I like that you showed the idea and it looks pretty good but would love to see what you do with the bags next!

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Now, you might think the bag book is ugly, but I think it is lovely. Each to his own I guess. Glad to see that others don't mind sharing their mistakes so others can learn from them. Neat ideas you have.