Sig tags and Google

Sig (signature) tags were the reason I learned to use Paint Shop Pro all those many years ago. I hated that other people had cooler email than I did. Of course, as soon as I started using sig tags myself, the recipients of my emails started complaining that my emails were too large and it was taking forever to upload their mail packets (those were the days of 14,400 modems); I had to stop using them as soon as I started, and so I found other things to do with PSP, but I never got back into using sig tags on my email.

I do have sig tags other than the one I use here, here are some I use currently in other places:

I scanned a Glamour Shots photo to make this tag. The picture is about 12 years old, but don't I look gorgeous?

I use this one a lot this time of year.

This one (and several of the others) was made for my position as a moderator in Stepping Stone Through PSP. I love this program for creating digital art and photo correction, and am thrilled to help others learn it as well. I wrote a tutorial on how to get this Warhol effect as my "graduation" project from the course.

This cat tag was an assignment I did while taking the SSTPSP course.

Just your basic photo tag.

This one uses a Yahoo avatar as the image. I like to think I look this good. Yes, I am in the Red Hat Society - I have another tag like this one that shows me wearing a hat, but it looks a little awkward, so I like this one better.

The one I use at the end of my blog posts I drew just to match the header, which I also drew. It does a couple of things that most other people's sig tags don't do.

First of all, it is a clickable link to my email address. I have mentioned that before, and I think that if I say it enough times, one day one of you, in a desire to contact me, will remember that, and think, "oh, I know how to email Juliet, I will just go to her blog and click her sigtag!" This assumes, of course, that you have either bookmarked my blog or are following it, but then, why wouldn't you?

Secondly, I have put my full name as the alt text. what this means, for those of you who are not html savvy, is that if you hover your cursor over my sig tag below, you will see my full name. Why would I do that? Google. I have a fairly unusual last name, and I don't want to give it out freely to just anyone traipsing through, but if you are someone who knows my name from other places (i.e. real life), if you google it you will end up here. That's a good thing.

If you would like me to make you a custom sig tag, I will happily do it for linkage. I can do it with or without the extra functions, as you prefer. If you have been reading this far, you know how to get ahold of me.

Juliet Arrighi