Good mail day

Last week, Diana took me up on my offer of a free ATC, but she was insistant that she should do something, and offered an SASE. I declined, and said that if she really needed to send me something, she could make me an ATC in return. She protested, saying she never made ATCs before, but I insisted. This is what I received in the mail today:

These are done in the Smashed Blossom Technique - all those flowers and leaves used to be on plants until she came after them with a hammer. It's not only a fun technique, but it can be good therapy, too.

Not only did she send these ATCs, but she enclosed them in a beautiful long card and a fabric and paper wallet. She also included some gorgeous kaleidoscopic embellishments. It was a heck of a haul, all things considered.

Thank you, Diana!

Juliet Arrighi