The queen

I needed a small quick card, and saw that I had these TAC stamps waiting to be cut and indexed. I figured it would be sensible to use one of them for the card I was going to make, so I reached into my stack of new PaperTemptress papers and pulled out a sheet of pink parchment. Pink parchment? Did I order that?

I flipped the sheet over and the mystery was solved - PaperTemptress prints her invoices on pink parchment. I was not looking at a purchase, I was looking at the invoice. Still it was parchment, perfect for the stamp, and it looked clean on the back, so I used it. I suppose every order from the PaperTemptress includes a free, slightly used sheet of pink parchment.

There is a lot wrong with this card and with this scan. I wish there was some way to make the glitter sparkle in the scanner bed. The words are really much clearer in real life, it's the glitter that makes them look funny. The texture of the ruche paper isn't showing at all.

Back to the drawing board. This card is going in the mail, it looks much better in real life.

Juliet Arrighi